Arrange a 15-minute phone call with one of our modular design consultants

Get advice on the right solution for your project needs

Need some advice on whether a modular home, cabin or villa is right for you?

Our expert design consultants are available to discuss your project.

We promise: you won’t get a ‘hard sell’. We’re here to help - right from the very conception and design stages, through to the completed construction and installation. 

Our design consultants are happy to discuss with you:
  • The design possibilities for your site
  • How to maximise your land space
  • The approval, design, construction and installation process
  • Available inclusions
  • Connection to services (power, water etc.)
  • Access for delivery
  • Options for growing in stages for commercial developments
  • Any questions you have about modular construction

In addition to these items, you will no doubt have a number of key project outcomes in mind. It would be great if you could identify the top three as this will help us focus on these outcomes and ensure they are delivered throughout your project.